Multimedia Digital Classroom with Video Recording Systems

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1.6 Integrated Video Recording and Playing Machine


Highly integrated multifunctional wireless microphone, multimedia computer, object visualizer, stereo amplifier, intellectual console, sound box and tracking.

Support unified management in cloud video management platform.

Support the console recording from beginning to end.

Recording main board: (coordinate with special console equipment), hardware framework. Industrial grade insert type ARM+DSP framework, integrated plate card, no inserted card on the plate, no outer port (not industrial control plate + gathering card framework)

Operation system: Insert type Linux operation system.

Wall-mounted type integrated machine, direct current supply, power 30W, light and environment protection.

Video input: 3-path sdi HD video + 1-path VGA input, perfect supporting classrooms with 3 camera position.

Video output; HDMI+VGA.

Audio input: Double channel linear input + MIC input double audio input DSP hardware intellectual sound mixing.

Audio output: 1-path Double channel linear output.

Other port: 4-path RS232 serial port, 2-path USB 2.0 port, 1-path RJ45 Gigabit network interface.

B/S, C/S two architecture interaction, both local and remote can operate simultaneously.

Web pages are all flash architecture, no need to install any ActiveX plug-in. It is safe and convenient.

Insert type system and functional software are stored in the on-board flash memory, takeout and damage of the hardware do not affect the system function.

Insert type system and functional software can’t be visited, modified, deleted or added by anyone or any program, thus avoid any system damage by maloperation nor any risk by internet virus infection.

Support recording of single picture mode/curriculum resource mode; support big rate/small rate live program; support switch on automatic/semi automatic/manual program directing.

4-path video live preview.

Support recording file on - demand playback, resource mode automatic three-screen preview, full display of index information.

Recording resources can be uploaded to resource platform, manual download, copy to movable storage devices

HDMI High definition anchor audio and video loop out, perfect connection to video conference system.

Support PTZ control, track by click of mouse, pulley control position.

Support pictures in picture, logo. Subtitle adding.

Video format: H.264 high profile video coding. AAC audio coding, mp4 file format; local 2TB professional monitoring hard disk

Support timing recording. Upload to resource platform regularly.

A powerful Intel dual-core processor is built in, the main frequency is abov 3.0G. or Core i5 processor is optional. Memory 4G. 500g SATA hard disk (optional 32G SSD)/graphics card/integrated gigabit card, sound card.

Built-in multi-function wireless microphone can speak by a hand type or head type microphone, automatically select different frequency points, meet the need of 100 classrooms in use without interference. multifunction wireless microphone with laser pen, PPT up/down page function key and the signal switch control key of PC and display can remote control the up/down page in running PPT, or remote control the signal control switch of PC and display.

Built-in 2*20W stereo digital amplifier, with DSP digital chips, BLP digital feedback repeating techniques, intellectual testing and sampling, automatically test and adjust the volume gain, automatically source noise frequency point and Complete the sound suppression feedback. With power output and frequency output port.

Built-in alarm system against theft, the system will alert you if someone switches off the projector.

Built-in time delay power function, when press the “power” key, the equipment can be closed, don’t need to wait the bulb cooling down, the system will delay 50 minutes for outage.


Built-in object display stand: shot size: A4(210mm*297mm)/scanning speed: 1s/resolution ratio: 5 mil/image color: 24 bit/picture format: JPEG,TIF,PNG,GIF,BMP/video format: AVI format/port: USB2.0, no need external power/light source: natural light + LED lamp(usage time 3000 hours)/picture control: adjustment of brightness, sensitometry, acutance, color and gain control, character recognition: OCR recognition function/can write or postil on the presentation notes on the projection screen or electronic whiteboard.


There are audio input for laptop and VGA input, equipment side with audio and amplifier output port. With VGA input and projector VGA input, RJ45 network port, USB port and power input/output socket.


For equipment maintenance, no need to disassemble the equipment, only need to open the front panel and replace the accessories in the equipment. Configure wireless keyboard and mouse.


The product passed the certification of ISO9001 ISO14001, CCC, CE, FCC, ROSH. Benefits: high integration, save space, convenient for transport and installation.


1.7 Insert Type Video Recording Playing System


1) Insert Type Framework

The Integrated Recording Machine adopts insert type framework, it is light and slim, portable, save space; with Linux system, to avoid the problem of Windows vulnerable to computer viruses, the system is more safe and stable; low energy consumption, fast cooling, avoid the problem of unnecessary damage of the parts due to high temperature, make it stable running; insert type adapts to various environment, e.g. dust, humidity, outdoors, reduce equipment failure rate, increase equipment life time, save cost of manual maintenance.

2) 6-path concurrent video processing

The HD video recording system adopts HD shot technology in whole process, can conduct the 6-path concurrent signal 1080P50f/60f, guarantee high quality of collected input signals. Furthermore, to make sure the effect of live recording, according to the environmental situation of recording, can support mixed input of SDI video signal, far-end video signal, HDMI HD video signal, make sure of the best effect of video recording.


3) Remote B/S broadcasting instruction and local broadcasting instruction

The recording system support 2 modes of broadcasting instructions - remote B/S broadcasting instruction and local broadcasting instruction, the remote B/S broadcasting instruction can let users to use the function of professional broadcasting instruction from remote which is accessible by network, without plug-in requirement, it is easy to use. The system supports the mode of local broadcasting instruction, you only need a mouse and display screen to get local broadcasting instruction, no delay, high fluency. Both broadcasting modes supports the operation of 6-path video preview, Single and multi-stream live output, video switch, audio adjustment, recording mode, special effect, movie head and end, caption, logo, camera control, it is easy to use and flexible.


4) Various Recording Modes

Support single and multi stream recording modes, single stream mode supports the models of single-picture and multi-pictures, and switches in various display modes. Multi-stream recording mode support 1-pat movie video and 5-path video 1080P/30ffps individual decoding, and save as independent 6-path video, the video has no picture covered on each other, thus save complete materials for future editing.


5) Multi-point Interactive Education

The Integrated Recording and Broadcasting Machine has the function of remote education, the built-in 4-point MCU multi-point interactive function, can open the function of 4-point interactive education simultaneously; function of video conference end, support SIP protocol, can directly interconnect to multi-point interactive platform MCS and conference TV end, apply to simultaneous class education in big scale in the district or city.


6) Easy operation, One-key Conduct

Teacher can use the key on the control panel, operate by one-key, start and stop video recording. Also can set up automatic or manual recording on the network web page. If automatic recording, only need to press “start”. Press stop after class, the video of the whole class is finished. All other operation systems run automatically, simple and easy, very convenient.


1.8 Integrated Image Tracking Machine


Single board card embedded architecture, integrate teacher tracking, students positioning, writing positioning, broadcasting switch, the system releases intellectual analysis on the various scenes of teacher area, student area and writing area, etc., and control the camera equipment to make video in fully automatic intelligent personification, the teacher and students don’t need to wear any tracking devices, there are no manual interference during the whole process of recording.

1) Video input port: SDI*4.

2) Video output port: DP*1\HDMI*1

3) Cloud platform control port: RS-232*4 reuse cloud platform control port (PTZ), can set up the cloud platform control code.

4) Communication port: console*1

5) Network port: Gigabit network interface

6) USB: port*4

7) Audio port: LINEIN*1


1.9 Image Tracking System


1) Teacher Image Behavior Analysis

When the system detects the teacher moving much in the classroom, priorly adopts dynamic camera mode with mid-shot and full view; when the teacher sits or stays in the classroom, priorly adopts static mode, with mid-shot and close shot. In the situation of multimedia classroom, interactive teaching machine is necessary, so before adopting the image recognition technology to track the teacher’s behavior, we must consider the interference of these image sources, to avoid mis-recognition, the simulation of real teaching scene was fully carried out, after various simulation test on tracking scenes, in the software setting, shielding area is allowed in the setting, to avoid the interference of animations, shadows and fluttering curtain on the tracking effect.


2) Students Image Behavior Analysis

In traditional tracking, it is not allowed that someone passes the corridor of the classroom, but in actual situation of class, a passing class teacher will surely affect the normal tracking on students, thus rubbish shots will appear. Considering actual teaching scene, it is allowed to manually set the image recognition mask area during software debugging, thus set the effective tracking area according to the environment on site and avoid rubbish spots.


3) Advanced Comprehensive Anti-shake Technology

Having owned “wide scene image anti-shake technology”, while supporting innovative “narrow scene anti-shake technology”.

Wide scene image anti-shake technology: allow to neglect the teacher’s moving within a setting scope, keep camera fixed, guarantee the image smooth and stable, avoid the image bouncing or moving.

Narrow scene anti-shake technology: in the narrow scene of 1.8~2.4m, under the moving speed of 0~3m/s, tracking people precisely, no shaking, no missing. In the meanwhile of tracking the teacher precisely, completely avoid the problem of shaking spots due to large body movements; it is a breakthrough in this field to solve the problem existing many years.


4) Adapts to Teacher’s height

Adjustment according to different teacher’s height, the teacher’s camera is on the proper position all the time, ensures reasonable composition. The tracking process is continuous, stable, smooth, the image output is stable.


5) Teacher’s Recognition

To complete the construction of curriculum information, the system automatically performs face recognition of the teacher, recognizes the teacher’s name and identification and feedback the recognized information on the basic data.


6) Tracking switching strategy customization

The image positioning system can intelligently adjust the camera strategy during the class according to the special scenic conditions and user’s need, fulfill the whole teaching process, maximize to reach the effect of manual shooting.