Meeting Flat Panel Display for conference room and training room

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II. Marketing 

One invention patent

Two features

Three main application scenarios

 One invention patent

Application No. or Patent No.: 201710031861.X


Two big features ---Soundbar 

 Soundbar sound box, slender body has 1.6L tone volume;

 Four 3-inch woofers are hidden inside;

Bigger speakers and more space;

True treble transparent, bass more profound;

 Two major features -- fine pen touch

2mm touch recognition accuracy; (toothpicks)

2mm ultra-low touch height; (anti concatenation)

Original handwriting; (patent design on pen point)

Touch before removing; (single seam is more beautiful)

Prevent palm touch by mistake; (restore real experience, to be improved)

Fine erasure; (restore real experience, to be improved)


Three main application scenarios

meeting with USB only;

meeting with computer (Windows /MAC);

meeting with mobile phone or PAD (android /IOS);


Three main application scenarios 

insert side U port and retrieve contents;

interactive operation such as screenshot, annotation and whiteboard;

meeting minutes and operation contents are taken away by USB directly;



Meeting content is taken away immediately, convenient;

Strong confidentiality;


Three main application scenarios


Can share by more than one computer rotation or comparison

Three main application scenarios

android mobile phone download APP, apple mobile phone Airplay;

push documents and operate on the same screen;

scan QR code of the meeting minutes or take away by email;



The arbitrariness of sharing;


III. Technical training


local upgrade and online upgrade;

setting method of U Share matching and channel interference;

simple troubleshooting;


Update related

Local upgrade:

USB_update.bin file placed in USB root directory -- - > insert USB hole side - > click on the home page - > Settings - > system upgrades - > local upgrades

System restarts after the upgrade, normal use after the completion;


Online upgrade:

Ensure that the Smart Meeting Flat Panel is in normal connected state;

Click home --> Settings --> system upgrade --> online upgrade

System restarts after the upgrade, normal use after the completion;

U Share matching: 

Smart Meeting Flat Panel:

Meeting Flat Panel boot - > U Share button inserts top matching (upgrade) port - > button start flashing - > 1 minute or so to stop flashing - > success



Computer starting up - > U Share button insert computer U port -- - > run SKYWORTH EXE - > display tips of being able to share - > press - > start sharing

The computer needs to be operated manually for the first time (about 2 minutes), and automatic operation will be inserted later;


       U Share channel Settings: 

Setting background:

Generally the sources in a channel had better not exceed 3, otherwise it will affect the effect of screen sharing;

 Signal detection:

Download and install “WiFi analyzer.APK” on android phone;

The default channel is 5g-161 channel;


Modify channel:

To login WEB is similar to login router, password and user name default is: admin;

5G frequency band, there are 9 channels to choose from, ensure that the sources of each channel do not exceed 3;